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How smartTMS works behind the scenes


Route planning

Complex optimization algorithms calculate optimal routes to minimize costs. In route design, different types of fleet are used. All limitations are taken into account (specific vehicles for specific customers, time windows, load and volume limits, etc. ...)

Plan execution monitoring

Vehicle movement is monitored in real time and displayed on the map. Any deviation from the planned route is signalled. Actual data about the vehicle movement and deliveries are used to improve the data needed for planning.

Simulations provide

At an arbitrary interval, it is possible to draw routes with different vehicles to check the adequacy of the fleet. When purchasing new vehicles simulation helps in proper decision making.

A wide range of reports allows tracking of the following:

Worker-driver productivity; Utilisation of the fleet; Timeliness of deliveries; Delayed or non executed deliveries.


Expected positive effects and savings


Significant reduction of the total number of kilometers.


Reduction of all costs like fuel, services, tires, etc.

Customer service improvement

Improved and timely customer service

Transport resources

More rational management of transport resources

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